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Safeguarding your pension

Avoiding excessive charging structures

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For several years, pension providers have adopted two predominant methods in charging for their administration and trustee services. These being either a time-costed basis or a fee menu approach. In our opinion, the problem with both methods is that fees can spiral out of control, in excess of the client’s initial expectations, which is not fair or transparent.

Here at Intrusted Pension Services, we believe in being upfront with our clients and provide an ‘all-in fee’ depending on the nature of the scheme. At the initial discussion stage, we will seek to understand the client's requirements and the assets being transferred or purchased. We will then provide a competitive quote to undertake the necessary work on an annual basis. This ensures that the client has no nasty surprises and allows the client and their Financial Advisor to accurately manage their strategy. For years, we have heard clients being dissatisfied at the excessive charges being applied to their pension schemes without their knowledge and seek to put an end to this.

As we approach our charging structure in this unique manner, it is important that you contact us to discuss your individual requirements so we can provide the best possible quote. We have provided a brief example below of our services which we include as standard.


  • SSAS registration with HMRC or takeover

  • Provision of up to date Trust Deed and Rules

  • Supplying Death Benefit nomination forms

  • Scheme registration with the Pensions Regulator and ongoing reporting

  • Registration on the Trustee's Data Protection Register

  • Collection of data and arranging the transfer of existing policies into the SSAS (no transfer advice given)

  • All ongoing liaison with HMRC, event reporting, submitting annual Pension Scheme Return

  • Annual administration and trustee services

  • Unlimited number of employer contributions (subject to tax restrictions)

  • Set-up and payment of tax-free cash from the scheme 

  • Dealing with buying and selling of standard scheme assets

  • Provision of high-quality scheme record keeping

  • Facilitating the payment of Pensions Regulator and Data Protection invoices

  • Provision of annual valuations at the scheme year end.

Annual fee starting from as little as £1,250 

We appreciate that every client has different requirements so please feel free to get in touch with us for a personalised quote. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you.

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