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Together growing your pension scheme and business

“Intrust (ɪnˈtrʌst) - archaic spelling of entrust”


Our belief is one which is based on traditional trust values and truly maintaining long-lasting relationships. The concept of trust in the modern age is used far too commonly with little value for its true definition. At Intrusted Pension Services, we understand the real value of utilising a SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) vehicle and the importance of continuously supporting our clients to achieve long term goals.


We are able to take care of all administration and regulatory requirements and pride ourselves in offering a personal, tailored service.

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Our Aim

To create a new Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) proposition which is transparent in cost, flexible in its approach and personalised in its delivery.

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What makes us different

Honest, transparent, flexible and fair.

We have now entered a new era of ethics; many pension providers have struggled with the interpretation of legislation over the years and the subsequent accountability placed with them. We have, and continue to see, many pension providers now paying the price and having to file for bankruptcy after accepting inappropriate and risky investments within their schemes, often at the detriment of its members.


As we have launched in the middle of this new era of governance, we have a good understanding of where the regulators are going. Therefore, as Co-Trustee we will insist on having no exposure to any so called non-standard assets or high risk investments.


A SSAS is not regulated to the same degree as a SIPP. Whilst this allows greater flexibility and efficiencies for our members, we still believe it is imperative, in our trusted position, that we apply many of the same regulative and safeguarding requirements that are applicable to SIPPs in order to protect our clients pension savings during these challenging times. As a newly established provider, we have adopted the latest governance requirements without the burden of any legacy problems.


Now is the time to choose a forward-thinking provider, established during unprecedented times and at a crucial time in regulation, with the sole purpose of bringing a fresh, transparent, flexible and innovative solution to the market.

Enhancing client outcomes with trusted partners

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Leicester, UK

0116 456 0181

07723 626294

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